Maybe He’ll Get Off At The Next Stop

Written by Man On Crutches on April 7th, 2009



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  1. bibo says:

    i don’t know if this sign is so common, that everybody know that there is a seat prioritized for physically enhanced persons. i am not familiar with this subways and i think if i get in there i won’t recognize this signs.
    so, does everybody know about this seats?
    regards, lukas

  2. bibo says:

    should be physically challenged. where is my mind? 😉

  3. nerddowell says:

    Her’s the problem with the priority seating. When I get on the train or bus those who should be sitting there are NEVER sitting there. They sit in all the other seats but there, which isn’t fair to the riders who purposely do not sit there for the elderly or physically challenged’s benefit.

    I feel that if a person fits that category, they have to sit in those seats unless they are entirely taken up.

  4. Gary says:

    Maybe she’s worried that her parents can’t pay her high rent and give her money to subsidize her low-paying job.

  5. Julie says:

    Hi, I’m Julie and I’m from France.
    I discovered your Web site thanks to a newspaper.

    I really apreciate your idea !!

    People are very selfish !!

  6. Sarah says:

    I was on a bus, with lots of girls from my school (All-girls school :P) and I was standing up – the bus was full of people, and there were no seats.
    A man with crutches came on, and no one stood up for him.
    After a few seconds of me contemplating what to do, I said loudly “Why won’t anyone stand up for the guy?”
    And eventually, some people did, though the man said it was fine.

    I really get annoyed when things like this happen

  7. urthebiggerdouche says:

    you know, for someone to go such great lengths to write a fukin blog on the subject, did u even bother “asking” for the seat?

    makes u the bigger douche bag for even complaining. welcome to the real world. now learn to live in it.

  8. 420 says:

    get a life dude.

  9. Rich says:

    Being in cructhes is NOT a disability.
    You can get around. It just takes you longer. That’s called “life” you bitchy fuck. Now shut up, and stand there like the rest of us.

  10. Gillian O'Brien says:

    How about just asking the people to get up?

  11. Timbo says:

    This website is ridiculous.

    If you wanted the seat, ask the person sitting there to give it up.

    Stop whining on the internet and illegally publishing photos of people.

  12. @ Rich says:

    Wow, Rich. Are you saying that the perfectly fine human beings who happen to be possessing the seats for those who have difficulties – temporary or permanent- fit that category better than the person on crutches?

  13. noticabley, the ones who leave a snarky comment don’t leave contact details?

  14. Nathan Fields says:

    If you can manage to stand (on one leg I presume) while trying to keep your crutches under control and snap a picture with your camera phone, I think you’re okay.

    If not, and you really feel that you’re entitled to the disability seat, then you should ask the person who doesn’t appear to be disabled for their seat. But then, you wouldn’t have content for your website.

    Why does life have to be so hard.

  15. maria says:

    When you are navigating through an urban space– especially on the subway, and especially, too, as a female– a lot of us withdraw into ourselves and put walls up so we can get from point A to point B without being affected by the many assholes, crazies, pervs, etc. I always get up for those with disabilities when I notice a seat is needed, but sometimes it takes me awhile to notice they’re there, due to my out-in-public defensive blinders. Sure, you shouldn’t have to ask for a seat, but it’s not such a huge hassle in the end, and it’s unfair to disparage the seated subway riders as selfish. It’s hard to get through the day in the city sometimes, and we go on automatic during our commute.

  16. Mario says:

    I just stand up if I see that there is someone more in need of a seat than me. No matter if there is a sign or not.

    When I was a kid there was this old angry woman who made a hobby of it to yell at people who where sitting on this seats. Even when they already were busy standing up. She didn’t gave them the time to stand up for here without yelling first. Poor woman. I wonder if she was ever happy in her life.

  17. أمنية says:

    i think there should be signs in buses to teach adults all over again about the basic manners of what to do in streets and buses..


  18. Karen says:

    What a great site! You want to know something funny? I actually sit in these seats on purpose because I WILL get up when I see someone disabled or elderly walk in and I know fools like these won’t.

    Also, my guess is that Rich has never tried standing in a moving vehicle with 1 good foot and crutches. Not quite as comfy as your own two legs.

  19. Víctoribus says:

    DOn´t give importance to the idiot coments like 420 or Rich , they can see further than his/her noses

    Sorry but my english is a crap

  20. Socket7 says:

    Maybe these people would move if you weren’t being a passive aggressive jerk taking photos of people and instead, *gasp* had an interaction with a real person and ask them “Excuse me, could I please sit down?”

    But no, you can’t possibly do that. You’d have to come down from your ivory tower to do that, and it’s ever so difficult to get down the stairs on your crutches.

    These people may be inconsiderate for sitting in reserved seating, but you’re no better then they are.

  21. Liz says:

    Why should the guy ask for a seat?

    Surely, in this world, people should not be so selfish and just immediately know that he needs a seat.

    If not, well, shows what the worlds coming too.

  22. Thomas says:

    Man, people are so selfish. Keep up the good work at exposing this fucked up people.

  23. Stav says:

    Did you try to ask someone for their seat? Because it looks like they dont even notice you’re there. maybe if you try to ask someone he/she will give you the seat. Its so easy to say that people are jackasses when you didnt even try.

  24. julien says:

    I see a lot of comments saying that disabled people should ask for the seat… Well yes, but that’s already a shame having to do that. Moreover, I think I’m not wrong saying that 99% of the time people fake not seeing you, don’t bother or don’t event realise they could offer you a seat.
    If you ask, half will leave it to you willingly, and half will make you feel bad!
    I discovered your website thanks to a French newspaper as well. I like the idea if it helps people to get less selfish… maybe you should blur the faces, because the purpose is really to denounce the behaviour, not the persons…

  25. Diloudi says:

    Well, some people may purposely ignore others who really need a seat, but sometimes one is so absorbed in thought that he or she doesn’t really pay attention to other passengers.
    Did you ever simply try to politely ask for the seat? I’m sure the vast majority of people would gracefully stand up and offer you the seat.
    Taking stealth pictures and posting them online may feel like revenge to you, but it only helps you accumulate anger and resentment : it’s like taking a poison and hoping the other person will die…
    Maybe someday someone will notice you taking their picture, and crush your phone under their (valid) heel… or give you a good beating. That’s not what you want, do you ?

  26. INDIA says:

    there is clearly space for you to sit down inbetween these people??

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  28. Ben says:

    “don’t take pictures of anyone if there’s an open seat within sight ”

    Um, there’s a seat right there!! FOOL!

  29. Achoo says:

    I would like to suggest that anyone planning to words such as those below first look them up or google them. The abuse of psychiatric terms makes a post seem uneducated.

    Also, I would like to remind those arguing that posting pictures of rude people is itself rude that swearing angrily and insulting the author is by far ruder than any pictures this website contains.

    Even if the author’s disability is faked, the fact remains that these people, who have no way of knowing whether this is the case, are still incredibly rude.

    Finally, the space between the two women is fairly narrow, and it probably wouldn’t be easy to sit there, especially with crutches.

  30. nice! i’m gonna make my own blog

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