The Old Hat-Over-The-Eyes Trick

Written by Man On Crutches on March 7th, 2009



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  1. polarisrex says:

    Boy, this is a clever trick. I’m not sure whether he’s channeling Mushmouth from “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” or Jimmy “J.J.” Walker. Dy-no-MITE!!!

  2. Troy says:

    Definitely Dave Chappelle from Half Baked. Abba Zabba.

  3. Richard J. says:

    Why don’t you just say something if you want to sit down, you self-righteous cripple fuck.

  4. No one should HAVE to ask when they are standing with crutches, elderly, pregnant, etc. This website isn’t making the point that people WOULD get up if they absolutely HAD TO. It is pointing out clearly rude people who have no regard for anyone other than themselves. They had a tough day at work (or whatever) and they won’t get up unless specifically asked, because, let’s face it, who is going to ASK? Not many people.

    These people in these seats should just have the common sense and common decency to stand up for someone who is LESS ABLE to stand than they are. Who cares if the guy is “athletic” with one crutch? The guy sitting is more capable of standing than he is. Therefore, give up the seat.

    I have no doubt the guy sitting down voted for Obama. Maybe he should heed Obama’s advice and think of others besides himself, right? I mean, this is the era of hope and help. Help a brutha out and give up the seat.

  5. are you kidding? says:


  6. kate says:

    yeah i’m sure he pulled his hat down on purpose you dick.

    are you kidding is funny

  7. Alex Carter says:

    Hey..It’s Mush-Mouth

  8. just another book cover says:

    It’s not just the people taking seats from people who need them. They take the parking spots, too. And they leave hate-filled comments on people’s blogs or get jobs as pundits. Hate, rudeness and idiocy the loudest commentators.

  9. Uncle Dotard says:

    It was Dumb Donald that wore that hat, not Mushmouth.

  10. Sam Perez says:

    thanks I wanted some to do this for years. I used to travel with my friend whom is clearly diabled and be her pitbull until she learned to speak for her selk. The best was when I was pregnant carring her 2 kids and my two and noone would give up a seat for her but gave one up to me.

  11. Sterling says:

    Real Diversity: what the fuck was that last part?

  12. Wiener says:

    F U and your crutches. I would rather give my seat up to a hamster.

  13. Martin says:

    lol @ all the people getting pissed off

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