I Can’t See You, I’m Reading A Book

Written by Man On Crutches on March 10th, 2009



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  1. michpc says:

    also note the wide stance, taking up fellow passenger’s leg area. Multiple offenses!

  2. CP says:

    Also, in this one? I can see your reflection in the background and you are obviously sitting down, so…again, come on.

  3. travis says:

    Dude, you suck!

  4. Man On Crutches says:

    Normally I won’t respond to comments, but … yeah, I got a seat across from the people sitting in the disability seats after standing up for quite a few stops. So what?

  5. wtf? says:

    Is the woman on the right a 2-time offender? There’s a woman that looks just like her 3 or 4 posts ago

  6. Holden says:

    Guess this is as good a time as any to remind people that the MAJORITY of disabilities are not visible.


    And how “pregnant” does a woman have to be? We can be sick like crazy during the first trimester and not showing yet.

    If no one’s moving, you have to assume they are disabled, unless you want to ask.

  7. Hmmm says:

    So book lady’s a demon, but iPod chick is a-ok? Why’s that?

  8. Tom says:

    The reflection gives it a way. So you’re basically saying that she committed the heinous act and after you sat down, still didn’t give up her seat to you?! Such a shame. get a real hobby? Or heal soon? The boot AND crutches don’t allow you much sympathy.

  9. mark says:

    I agree with the site’s author, people are lazy on the train. period.

  10. kiki says:

    the people who comment complaining about the pictures IE defending these douchey, selfish seat-takers are just as bad AS the douchey, selfish seat-takers. i apologize for my lack of more eloquent words, but when you’re a douche, you are just a douche

  11. Boo says:

    We can see your reflection in the window, you’re sitting down. So these aren’t “peoplewhositinthedisabilityseatswhenimstandingonmycrutches”, are they?

  12. Bebe says:

    Most of the people bitching about these photos probably have never had to ride the metro over an extended period of time and deal with these idiots. I hate the lazy fucks who take up 3 seats for their fat asses, their massive child-size purse and then sit with their legs spread right in the middle of a row so no one can sit on either side. Classy.

  13. Dee says:

    HAHAHA! You are sitting you idiot. Man, you just outed yourself as a manipulative liar. And again, you’re not disabled.

  14. are you kidding? says:

    has the flu

  15. jb says:

    “And again, you’re not disabled.”

    Because his disability isn’t permanent? Like a heavily pregnant woman?

  16. deb with ms says:


    while alot of the pictures posted are MOST LIKELY non handicapped persons, lets not forget those of us with INVISIBLE DISABILITIES.
    i have ms. i look fine. i dont use any assitance devices. but there are times where i have such overwhelming fatigue i can barely think. there are also times my muscles are so weak i can barely walk. BUT TO SEE ME SITTING SOMEWHERE I WOULD LOOK NORMAL.


    i personally would give up a seat to someone who obviously needs it more than me.
    but then again…. i dont use public transportation.

    why dont you just ask someone to move??

  17. Dee says:

    “Because his disability isn’t permanent? Like a heavily pregnant woman?”

    No. Because you can play kickball in one of those boots. He’s about as disabled as someone who bought the wrong shoes. The man is delusional and needy.

  18. Billie says:

    Seriously, can’t you do something positive with your time? Like work for a charity, raise funds for those that are really in need or volunteer to be a “Big Brother”. You are wasting your time and resources. You aren’t bringing any awareness to this horrible epidemic you are making this out to be. You want the seat, ask them for it. Do you expect everyone to have a sign on them that says “I am disabled”? No. If they are sitting there, you have to assume they are genuinely disabled. Posting their pictures here and outing them as assholes only makes you look like a prick.

  19. maximosis says:

    Your not handicap your just some loser who got his grown up ass in some crutches deal with it DICK FACE!!..lol

  20. loltrain says:

    Billie = idiot
    You’re on a fucking comment forum and you’re badmouthing the author? Try getting off your ass and doing something useful. There’s plenty of internet just for you. Moreover you attack the author on the point of awareness?! Thanks for adding to the numerous other comments saying the same thing.

    Dee = idiot
    Please heed Billie’s (idiot’s) advice. Thank you. Also, keep up the psych studies! I rly think you’re making progress there.

    deb = bored?
    Seriously, you posted on every pic almost. Get a life.

    Everyone who commented on the fact he’s sitting in the pic = just moronic
    Try reading the author’s own comment. In fact you should try reading more often! You just might become a tad smarter!

    As for me? Most def a bored computer nerd, who trolls down idiots like the aforementioned.

    *.puts on flame suit

  21. Dude who likes this site. says:

    Let’s be honest here. A percentage, too large for me to ever be happy for too long in this world, are selfish, lazy, inconsiderate, ignorant, self-centered douchebags. What’s worse, there’s a certain type of people who are more offensive and another certain type of people who are too scared to stand up for what’s right.

  22. Mulligan says:

    We can see you sitting down in the reflection!!!!!

  23. maximosis says:

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  24. Sojourn says:

    There’s only one way to handle people like that, I very loudly announce: Excuse me, I need to sit down, otherwise I’ll land on top of you when the bus/metro has to stop suddenly.”

    I find it usually moves even the most hard core ignoramouses.


  25. erinnyc says:

    Does it matter that the blogger is sitting in this picture? Can you not see what is wrong here? I can’t speak for the woman on the left of the picture in that I have ended up sitting on the ridge between seats when two people on either side of me are acting as if the train were their living rooms, like the one on the right, and there is no place to sit but in between. If the train is mostly empty, who cares? But when the train is full, close your legs and take up one seat. This is why I have a scooter. If riding the MTA weren’t so friggin’ miserable, people might look up and think about others every once in a while.

  26. Suffering says:

    I’m glad you seem to have perfected your gimp radar. I, however, live with a disease that cripples me, yet I look like any other normal person on the train. Screw you, your crutches and your dumbass blog. You’re an idiot.

    National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day is May 12, 2009. I suggest you make a donation, participate in the walk, or make a public apology on this blog to all of us who suffer daily from this debilitating condition.

    If you’d like to learn more about rheumatoid arthritis, please visit withinourreach.info, wedmd or any other site of your choice.

    You can also visit mda.com to learn about muscular dystrophy. I’m sure viewing pictures of Jerry’s Kids, and how normal some of them look, might open your eyes.

    Educate yourself. You should be ashamed.

  27. so that others may live says:

    so what if he he is siting down…its the f’n point you see?

  28. INDIA says:

    crutches are the least of your worries. i think you are a little mad, non?

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