Hmmm. Maybe I Should Get Up. Nah.

Written by Man On Crutches on March 30th, 2009



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  1. train rider says:

    damnit, i hate pressing submit and simultaneously realizing i typed, “you’re” instead of “your.” screw it. it’s the internet.

  2. jimslipper says:

    Listen,You ignoramus…. There is something wrong with you.. You like having to stand around taking pictures of fellow passengers. that would have no problem giving you a seat if you had asked. Your just a F@ucking C^unt face that wants something to complain about and seeking attention.. So here you go you miserable piece of
    Sh!t, I hope you have gout and a horrible case of bleeding hemmoroids. next time I see someone on the subway taking pictures while on crutches, I am going to hope its you and jam the camera down your throat and a Crutch right up your ass..

    Good day Sr.

  3. PB says:

    This one is my favorite since you can tell he’s a flaming d-bag just by looking at him. And he carries a lot of weight in his face, poor bastard.

  4. Wow says:

    jimslipper is a really angry, lonely, arrogant piece of work, isn’t he?

    “Your just a F@ucking C^unt”

    why exactly do you hide your swears? you an act like an internet tough guy but you’re too much of a pussy to say fucking and cunt?


  5. Michael says:

    I totally agree with Wow… jimslipper is an asshole.

    Simply put, it doesn’t mater jack shit what kind of seat your in, priority, or otherwise, if someone for whatever reason is having bother standing, and you’re fully capable its your duty to at least offer, if you see an old lady, crippled with arthritis, standing on a bus, you’re telling me you wouldn’t offer her your seat?

    Your an ass.

    Wow – on a random note, i think he probably just expected this website to have swear filters, your point remains solid though!

  6. Michael says:

    One other thing to jim slipper:

    Comments on this website are hand moderated (You should have seen yourself, after posting the message, its visable, but has a “You comment is awaiting moderation” message over it.

    If the author really wanted to just bitch and moan, wouldn’t he probably just not allow comments like your’s through? Instead choosing only the ones that favoured his agrument?..

    Just a little more food for thought.

  7. NY Intern says:

    New Yorkers are weird about their personal space. If I’m on the subway and I have nothing to hold onto, I usually just suck it up.

    BUT…its kind of hard to do that when you’re on crutches. If someone is on crutches, a cane, pregnant, or old…it should be implicit that someone gets out of their seat. Its a matter of etiquette, which society is clearly lacking…and the point that Mr. Muro is trying to make.

    Don’t worry, the rest of you will all slip and fall in the subway and there will be no one there to help you. Cheers.

  8. mainer says:

    This is great. This is what the web is for.
    And it shows what I hate about New York. People have virtually no sense of shared space with their fellow humans. They push, shove, don’t make eye contact in public, and going into stores is hell–the staff carry on personal conversations with each other while taking your money.
    Come to Maine sometime. People take care of each other, including strangers. And we’d like to have a little of your federal mass transit money.

  9. Sarah says:

    Thanks for publishing this and maybe raising public awareness. People not standing for elderly/disabled/pregnant people on the bus has been an enormous pet peeve of mine since I began riding the bus regularly 7 years ago. I never fail to be astonished when young, healthy looking people “fail to notice” an infirm person being forced to stand right next to them. I haven’t kept track, but it almost seems like a rarity when people do give up their seat. Instead it should be the norm. There’s a basic level of courtesy that’s been lost in our society. Anyway, thanks for doing this and I hope it will shame some people into giving up their seat the next time they see someone elderly or disabled get on a bus or train.

  10. Johanna H Brown says:

    I live in Seattle and ride the bus all the time. The same thing happens here. I often get on the bus with heavy grocery bags and no one offers me a seat. One time I told a teenage guy, “You and I are trading places.” He got up then and let me have his seat. I am 50 yo but if I’m not loaded down w/ groceries, I always offer my seat to someone who looks like they need to sit down more than I do. It’s also thoughtful to offer seats to people who have children with them.

  11. dfunkt says:

    dude, he is busy smelling his finger, cut him some slack! 😉

    (hmmm…is that ass?…hoohoo?…peanut butter?…)

  12. cat says:

    be entertained

  13. Suffering says:

    I’m glad you seem to have perfected your gimp radar. I, however, live with a disease that cripples me, yet I look like any other normal person on the train. Screw you, your crutches and your dumbass blog. You’re an idiot.

    National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day is May 12, 2009. I suggest you make a donation, participate in the walk, or make a public apology on this blog to all of us who suffer daily from this debilitating condition.

    If you’d like to learn more about rheumatoid arthritis, please visit, wedmd or any other site of your choice.

    You can also visit to learn about muscular dystrophy. I’m sure viewing pictures of Jerry’s Kids, and how normal some of them look, might open your eyes.

    Educate yourself. You should be ashamed.

  14. truelifecrip says:

    I actually have Muscular Dystrophy, Suffering, and I think you’ve missed the point of the website. The point is that you can’t always tell when someone is disabled, but even when you can people are rude and inconsiderate on the train.

    I would venture to guess that the author of the website isn’t comparing his infirmity to the plight of all disabled people’s everywhere, rather he is commenting on the overall negligence of able-bodied people on public transportation.

    I have one of those you-can’t-tell-from-first-glance disabilities, and I am not consumed by my disease as you seem to be, and you really needn’t be an advocate for “Jerry’s Kids.” We can take care of ourselves.

    Kudos on the website.

  15. kiki says:

    kimslipper, you are so mature. thank you for reminding us the internet is really a place for snotty, arrogant, yet unintelligent jerks like you to congregate

  16. Matt says:

    Questo è più stronzo di tutti. meno male che almeno quella signora lo sta fulminando con lo sgurdo…che merdaccia!!

  17. Kismet says:

    Etiquette is non-existant on the subway. I hate New York.

  18. Haterade says:

    I’m a REAL New Yorker (born and raised in nyc) who rides the train everyday, at least twice. Most of the time for at least 40 mins each way. I enjoy reading on the train and get lost in my book every time. I’m in my own world for that part of my commute to work. I’m a hard worker working my arse off for at least 10+ hours a day. Am I not allowed to have that time to myself? Do I really need to look up and watch EVERYONE that walks through those doors? Are you really that much of an attention whore? Do I need to start carrying a disability radar just so I can offer my seat? NO! If I notice your crutches I will offer my seat. Other than that, don’t hate on people that step into their own world to think and enjoy their alone time. Or to sleep and rest after a hard day’s work. Don’t take things out of context to bitch about nothing. How about you use your time and money that I PROVIDE working my arse off coming out of MY paycheck to do something better…

    Also, all you yuppies need to stfu and get out of NY if you’re so miserable here. NY is for “I don’t take any BS” GROWN UPS that like it REAL. We don’t get upset and whine about every little thing.

  19. Michele says:

    If you want to be snarky about it, just ask the offenders in a loud voice, “So, what IS your handicap, anyway?” while pointing to the sign. Taking this approach, be aware that from time to time you will be humbled by the answers. For example, my perfectly healthy looking 45 year old husband, who is recovering from his third heart attack might swallow his pride and sit there; he tires very easily when walking around. How disabled is disabled, anyway? Should my sister in law get to sit there, with her blind daughter? Who’s to say? That being said, bravo to you for finding a better outlet for your frustration. I might be tempted to knock the offending idiots upside the head with my crutch. 😀

  20. barbara says:

    To the REAL NYer: I am a rider too, I live in Rome, Italy,I take the train everyday and I know how good it can be to get lost in a good book when you ride, but you are supposed to also read the signs… If you seat in that kind of seat and you are non entitled to sit there then you are supposed “to look up and watch EVERYONE that walks through those doors” yes. As you are supposed to be “human” to join a society.

  21. annoyed NYer says:

    i agree with haterade (great name, btw). if you “hate” nyc so much, fucking leave. there are too damn many people here anyway. if you need the seat, ask. simple as that. i’ve seen many people get up, and i’ve seen many others ask. i’ve never seen a single person refuse. quit your bitching and get a real hobby.

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