Hi, I’m An Asshole

Written by Man On Crutches on March 20th, 2009



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  1. gop says:

    you’re missing the point of “priority seating”. if there’s space for the guy to sit–he should just go and sit instead of taking pictures like a stalker. if there’s no space, someone should be nice and ask him if he’d want to take their seat.

  2. j says:

    Anyone who is chiming in with a “why don’t you just sit down” or “you’re a bitch” doesn’t take the subway. Stay in Iowa, fucks.

  3. Steve says:

    Do you even know what ‘Priority seating’ means?

    It means that disabled people have priority sitting their over able bodied people…so if the other two seats were taken, the guy in the middle should vacate for a disabled person.

    It does NOT mean “No able bodied person can sit here”.

    I agree with (most of) the other posters – you’re just attention seeking and like to moan. I bet you didn’t even ask the guy to move over, did you? It was easier just to post about how evil other people are online.

  4. tonguestubble says:

    “April 1, 2009 at 6:21 pm
    Obviously you douche-bags are missing the whole point of this site! Yes, he could say excuse me, the point is that common human decency says he should not have too! This rider is an asshole, those that disagree are probably inconsiderate fucks too.”

    Actually we’re not missing the point. The guy lying across all 3 seats is an asshole. The people who are still sitting when there are no seats left are assholes.

    This guy is just sitting like every other person with big balls.

    My friend has Cerebal Palsy and lives in London. Every day people abuse her for standing on the wrong side whilst on the escalator, but since she can use her other hand , she has to either break the rules or fall over. Do you think that stops her? Fuck no.

    You wouldn’t have even had to say excuse me – just go to sit and the guy would’ve tucked himself in at the sight of your ass in his face.

    You assumed this guy was an asshole, so got your camera out ‘cos you were feeling righteous. You should consider what your actions were too before you post

  5. djh says:

    looks like two open seats to me on this one. did you even try and sit down? funny site though.

  6. you, author of this site, just failed! says:

    people from your other posts may be assholes, but with this post you just proved that you also belong to their group.

  7. Dad, is that you ?

  8. matt says:

    grow some balls and ask them instead of taking ages taking photos. if you were looking like you needed a seat (rather than playing with your phone) then I think the majority of these people would give it

  9. Jon says:

    Pretty sure that’s Christopher Reeve, using a scarf to hide his disability.

  10. Carolyn says:

    Honestly, this happens to women all of the time. I was at an event the other night and the man next to me had his legs splayed open, occupying half of my space. When he got up, I was sure to reclaim my space and we spent the rest of the night playing legsies. I’m not giving up my space now that I got it back, fucker!

  11. kel kel says:

    this one doesn’t count as there are two empty seats on either side of him.
    i, however, completely agree with you. the age of manners has been completely lost. 9 out of 10 times, when a disabled, pregnant or elderly person gets on the packed train, i am ALWAYS the one to offer my seat first.
    not a bid deal, because i definitely don’t mind standing. however, when i look around me, it’s ALWAYS men that are ‘fake-sleeping’ or looking the other direction. the only problem is that i am a woman. as i said, i don’t mind, but just sort of disappointing to see men be such pigs.

  12. commenter says:

    Geez, how fat are you?

  13. John says:

    Uh, what’s the problem. There are TWO free seats for you in the priority section. How is he an asshole? I don’t get it. Maybe if you SAT DOWN in one of the seats, there wouldn’t be a problem and he’d make more room for you. Surely anyone is allowed to sit in that section unless there are no free seats available and a disabled or handicapped passenger is left standing. Matt Muro, I find your public humiliation of a random passenger for no apparent reason totally obnoxious, offensive, inappropriate, and rude.

  14. jane says:

    how many seats do you need?

  15. Bill says:

    At first I thought you had a legit gripe but you really are an asshole. Anyone can sit in a priority seat as long as they give it up when there is no other seat available. You clearly have no understanding of the situation.

  16. Tom says:

    You guys who don’t understand why this guy is an asshole obviously don’t take the train everyday. I’m an NYC native and its kind of like one of the unwritten codes of subway rules. If there are people looking for seats, they are naturally going to gravitate to the ones that arent’ directly next to someone. Therefore what this guy is saying is that I REALLY WANT THIS WHOLE BENCH TO MYSELF.
    He could easily sit on one of the end seats and have two people on the bench comfortably, but he creating an atmosphere where the only way someone is going to sit there is if there aren’t any seats left.
    Therefore, he’s an asshole.

  17. yip says:

    regarding photo of the 3-seater with only the middle seat occupied, what’s the problem here? You could have sat in either seat alongside the guy in the photo….

  18. Jessie says:

    What exactly is your issue with this guy? There are clearly two seats available here. I don’t get it. Do you take up two seats? If so, he probably would have moved over as soon as you started to sit down.

  19. ronaldette says:

    there are 2 empty seats right there. how many seats do you think you are entitled to? do you need 3 empty seats to sit down?

    p.s. I have a disability

  20. bob, thomson says:

    Just sit down and shut the fuck up, ass-hole. There a two empty seat there. Is having shit for brains your disability?

  21. Ollie says:

    If I see you on the D I’m going to kick kick your crutches onto the tracks. My friend got run over in the subway lost half a foot and half a hand and he doesn’t make as big a deal as you. Just ask nicely and get the seat don’t glare and stand there looking all sad/mad or whatever.

  22. erinnyc says:

    I always end up sitting next to this guy. And often his twin is on the other side of me. He and his twin poke you in the eye with the corners of their newspapers, smash you in the breasts with their elbows while turning the pages, and have their legs so far open that you must keep your legs crossed and bag under the seat just to fit–if you fit at all. I can’t imagine how you can fit in the seat while you are carrying crutches. Anyone who thinks there are two empty seats in this picture has never taken the subway in NYC.

  23. Sasha says:

    Hey Guys i give te “People Who Sit In The Disability Seats When I’m Standing On My Crutches” a break Maybe he does take the pic then tries to site down and the people just dont move… Obviously most you guys arent from NY where this $hit happens all the time, No one moves unless you tell them and then it is a hardship to them… I had a gentleman about mid 40 who kept hitting me in the stomach invading my apsce when I was 8 months pregnant not even an apology

  24. gay of the ring says:

    This man has a ring on his finger, meaning he’s married, then THAT’s a disability, that’s the ‘why’.

  25. Rocco says:

    I see nothing wrong with this guy sitting in those sits… You’re the asshole for judging him. You should have just sat down I’m sure he would have moved to the side. I would have kick your crutches from under you!

  26. Elizabeth says:

    I’m with Carolyn; I think most of the people who don’t see the problem here (Tom excepted) are men. Asshole men on the subway manage to take up as much space as humanly possible, then act put out when you want to squeeze yourself into what should be the open seats next to them.

    Dude: Close your legs or sit on the side!!!

  27. Corey says:

    I know this guy….

  28. claudio says:

    I agree…but in this photo there are several seats available…so take your seat!

  29. Luca Cardarelli says:

    It’s the same in Italy….. But I think that if there are others free “Priority seats” on the train, the man in the pic can sit down on one of them…. I’m sorry for my english….. Ciao!!!! Luca

  30. santo says:

    you are an asshole.

  31. Leslie says:

    Lol…. first of all the guy is in crutches and he has like a cast on his foot… it’s not even that bad… but for this one he could have just sat next to that guy… this site is kinda ridiculous hahaha

  32. Leslie says:

    Oh and I totally agree with Steve :)

  33. melinda says:

    Agree, agree, agree (with Elizabeth and Carolyn, that is). This is an everyday occurance for women who try to sit down on the subway, in airplanes, etc: asshole men who refuse to sit with their legs together. Who cares if there are 3 empty seats in a row? You get ONE, jerk.

    This site is hilarious — all the haters are probably iphoning their comments in from their car, parked in a handicapped spot. “I was just there for five minutes!!”

  34. Kismet says:

    Yes, I hate these men that act like they got something really big between their legs. Give me a break seriously.

  35. Rizzo Tees says:

    I love this website so much

  36. greg says:

    there’s two seat open… come sit down? or perhaps u just got a fatass u need 3 seat?

    this website is a joke or a place for insult people got a seat

    so don’t be shy and try to seat down with somebody else

  37. Tutula Bartley says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the guy in the picture is totally hot????

  38. enrico says:

    proper funny website :L, i don’t get why folk keep on ranting

  39. Richard says:

    Not only are there two empty seats in this trio section, but are we to assume that every OTHER seat in the car was occupied?

    I am sort of amazed that a NYTimes writer would characterize this guy with that epithet because he’s sitting on the subway.

    And all you women who are jumping on the guys with spread legs, don’t think guys don’t get ticked when women have 13 bags with them, and pull the same tricks to secure their space.

    Space is at a premium on the subway, and everyone sounds like only they are getting squeezed!

  40. INDIA says:

    are you really this bored and bitter? sit beside this man? and stop taking pictures of people when there are spaces for you to sit and quietly ride out your journey (similiar to man sitting normally trying to catch up on current affairs from around the world, in peace)
    hobbies, cinema, books? all things to do with ones time..

  41. Victoria says:

    This comment is from someone who would see you on crutches and offer you any seat she was sitting in… so you wouldn’t fall over if there was a remote possibility some ‘confused person’ out of my field of vision could pull the emergency stop… but I don’t know, ‘rights’ and liberties may be a subjective thing to some but while people can be assholes at times, more than not, they aren’t heartless or without compassion… develop some strategies for making people ‘aware’ of the needs of others … good luck, think low center of gravity and just ski it.

  42. Hawk says:

    I am disabled and I see no problem with this picture. I often read a lot and often get engrossed in a good book/news story/etc. When that happens, I am not completely aware of who is standing around me (which can be a good thing as one of my non-physical disabilities is social phobia). It is quite probable that had you either taken the time to ask this gentleman, or just made the indications that you were about to sit down, he would have moved enough to allow you to sit as comfortably as those seats allow. Just because you are disabled does not mean that everyone must constantly be on the lookout for you. You cannot expect everyone to keep their eyes open every moment just in case a disabled person should come along. Also, isn’t it possible that the person might have possibly thought that you might have preferred to stand? I know you are on crutches – but there are some who seek to challenge their disabilities – or who are working on their muscle strength or what-have-you. The gentleman may have figured that if you wished to sit, since there were two seats available, you would have made some effort or indication that you had that desire. Instead you made the choice to “suffer” in silence – a martyr in your own mind – and take a picture. Now, if I was that gentleman, the taking of the picture might have clenched it for me. I might have thought, ‘Oh, he is standing because he is a photographer or artist and can take better pictures – or better see the pictures he may wish to take by standing rather than sitting.’

    Yes, some of these pictures appear to be of people who should have offered you a seat. However, by not asking, politely, that they do so, or otherwise indicating that you desire to sit down – by instead, expecting them to automatically see you, recognize that you have a disability that requires them to offer you a seat and doing so – by assuming that these people do not also have some disability that you are not aware of and yet asking them to read your mind – you are setting yourself, and them, up for this.

    I would like to see some pictures and anecdotes posted here where you actually took some initiative and *politely* asked if you could sit as your legs were hurting you. See how that affects the number of “assholes” you meet on your commute. You might be surprised.

  43. Maria says:

    Upfront: I ride public transit all the time and I’m a woman. These types of splayed out guys piss me off but if I can grow a pair and firmly say “Excuse me” and sit down next to them despite their “put upon” looks so can you. You act like a passive aggressive wanker who despite themselves has stumbled upon an interesting project.

    That said, I genuinely hope your leg is feeling better.

  44. KrisBelucci says:

    Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

  45. Honestly. says:

    Just sit next to him! If you need more room, it’s not that hard to get him to move. Sheesh!

    …and yes, I’m a native New Yorker. I’ve fit into seats much smaller than that.

    And the people complaining about men not sitting with their legs squeezed together are obviously not male.

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