3 Disability Seats Are So Much Better Than 1

Written by Man On Crutches on March 21st, 2009



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  1. omg says:

    What a loser!

  2. ttg says:

    I don’t get this entire site. Why don’t you just ask them to move?

    The signs aren’t there to ‘reserve’ the seat, they are there so that you’re empowered to ask them to give it up for you.

    Not everyone is out to get you ya know?

  3. Why don’t you ask these people to get up? It’s your right; the seats are for people who need them, and these people don’t. Instead of whining on a blog, just ASK them.

    Also: Please keep in mind that, say, cancer and AIDS also count a disability, and people who don’t always LOOK like they have health issues may need these seats just as much as you do. People who walk down the Metro escalators after a bout of chemo deserve those seats just as much as someone on crutches.

  4. Meg says:

    Yeah, why don’t you just ask them to move? I mean, it’s not like those signs reserve those seats specifically for people with disabilities. It’s not like those people, by sitting in those clearly marked seats, should be expected to show any common courtesy towards anyone with crutches.

    And if you ever do ask, how dare you? That man taking up three seats, for instance – how dare you judge. For all you know, he might have some horrible three-seat disease that forces him to take up three seats at a time. And you come along with your crutches and judge him? Now who is lacking common courtesy?

    It is you, sir.

  5. ah says:

    uh, yeah…there is one seat open there. sit down and shut up.

  6. Claudia says:

    Your blog is amazing. Loving all the hate in the comments, too.

  7. Sean D. Martin says:

    I get what you’re saying about those who refuse to see you (hat over eyes, too busy reading to look up and notice, etc.).

    But in both this and the prior picture I see room for you to sit. Like several have already asked, do you ever just ask someone if they could make room?

  8. john says:

    All the people bitching at you in these comments are totally retarded!

  9. Ally says:

    there is most certainly a seat open there, dude. grow the fuck up and ask the guy to move his one inch of foot out of your precious entitled ass space.

  10. Eddie Kritzer says:

    fuck you queer

  11. Iz says:

    Just go up to someone in the seat, break their leg with your crutch, and then they have a reason to use it.

    Problema resuelto.

  12. Aaron says:

    “it’s important to keep in mind that there’s no way of knowing whether someone has a disability just by looking at them”

    So you are saying that you could very well be clowning on people with actual disabilities?

    Also, it is quit clear that you are already sitting in some of these pics.

  13. Phillip says:

    Thank you! People need to stop being obnoxious on the trains and start showing courtesy! The police need to start policing this shit and make some money off fines for people doing obnoxious shit on the subway like this. K, thx!

  14. Sean D. Martin says:

    Is your main complaint here that non-disabled people are sitting in disability seats, or that there isn’t a seat available for you?

    If the former, as you note it is difficult to tell if someone is disabled just by looking at them. And there is no rule against an able-bodied person sitting in the seat if it isn’t needed by a disabled person. And in several of those photos there is a seat available to you.

    If the latter, (again) in several of those photos there is a seat available to you, so nobody is being un-accommodated.

    “3 Disability Seats Are So Much Better Than 1” – a seat is available.
    “Hi, Iā€™m An Asshole” – two seats are available
    “Squeeze In, If You Think You Can Fit” – perhaps you can. Did you bother to ask or do you prefer being able to complain?
    “What A Fascinating Article” – hard to tell for sure but nobody else visible next to her in photo or reflection. Possible seat is empty?

    Folks can be rude and pointedly ignored the crutch-laden person in front of them. But I’ve also seen many make room or give up seats when asked. Would be far more sympathetic if it seemed you were documenting times you were refused a seat, rather than creating a grudge against those who simply use the seats, even when one is available for you.

  15. eric says:

    I don’t believe any of these photos were taken by someone on crutches. I was on crutches in NYC for several months last year and I only experienced one situation where someone pretended to not see me and wouldn’t move.

    All that said, there is no excuse for a grown man to sit with his feet up like this and take up three seats. Disgusting, thoughtless slob.

  16. stephanie says:

    Everyone needs to just chill out. Clearly this site is meant for shit and giggles. So take a breather and just laugh about it.

  17. i'm a skank says:

    so you hurt your wittle foot & had to wear crutches, realized people don’t give a shit about your problem (welcome to new york!), so you created a blog to whine about it.

    lol mary!

  18. janel says:

    Haters to the left. Seriously it’s a THEMED blog with a clear theme, and if you’re going to bitch like you expect something more… well, I don’t know what else to say to you.

  19. vatcat says:

    This is great ! Can you start one about the door-standing douchebags that you have to push past to get on/off the train ?

  20. Aw Jeez says:

    Come now, MoC. This blog is absolutely worthy of the Most Solipsistic Internet Site of the Week award.

    I’ll tell you about another “invisible disability”: the tired-as-fuck commuter who gets on a train, finds a seat, tunes out the rest of the world, and loses all capacity for zealously scanning every on-coming subway rider for any sign of physical impairment.

    As one who suffers from such an affliction, I can tell you: we are amazingly amenable to the needs of the crutches-bound. Just, you know, ASK.

  21. Ophelia says:

    I’m less concerned that this guy is sitting in the disability section, and more concerned that he is taking up 3 seats. I think that’s rude no matter where you’re sitting!

  22. Skrilla says:

    These comments are hilarious. Some people need to chillax!

  23. L says:

    I would move for someone IF THEY ASKED. If you just stood there and took my picture I wouldn’t bother. You’re the one being an asshole here, not them. And I have arthritis so technically I am entitled to the disability seats too… but since I look like a healthy young woman you probably would take a picture of me anyway.

    Then again, guy taking up three seats is breaking the law.

  24. Ram says:

    the other day I saw a disabled man in a wheelchair ready to board the Bus I was in. i looked back, and the priority seats were taken, I signaled to the people sitting down “hey, theres a man getting on there”

    they said “Okay, thank you”.

    next time ask,

  25. Jiri says:

    Everyone who is saying that you should ask them to move is completely missing the point. Its their avoidance techniques that are so great. Its an amazing window into the human psyche.

    Thank you for posting this. I had a great time looking at it.

  26. AbdulHadi Hamed Yassin says:


    In late April of 2007,
    I was called into Alice Fialkin’s office for a PSR [Passenger complaint].

    Alice Fialkin was then the SF MUNI Superintendent of the FLYNN Division, located on Harrison and 15th street, in San Francisco.

    In the course of the discussion,
    I mentioned to her why I am always late behind the paddle’s schedule, saying to her:

    “I pick up everyone. I make sure that the Elderly & the Seniors &
    the Persons with Disabilities
    as well as Persons with Babies on their Arms have a seat”.

    Alice Fialkin’s response was on the line of:

    “They come on the bus, if there are no seats available,
    your job is just to make the announcement once, and
    if someone gave them a seat fine, else you just take off”.

    I asked her “Alice, what about if a Senior or an Elderly
    who is standing falls and get hurt?”,

    Alice’s Response was: “YOU ARE NOT A SOCIAL WORKER”!.

    I was stunned.

    I continued: “Alice, what about if a woman or a man carrying a baby on their arms & takes a fall and the baby’s head busted open?”

    Alice Fialkin, the SF MUNI Superintendent countered:


    and Alice went on saying:

    “Your job is done once you make the announcement,

    if any one falls, you are off the hook.

    You do not force any one to give up their seat”.

    I said: “Alice, I do not force them, I simply ask them kindly to give up their seat for those who need it”.

    Again Alice Fialkin said:

    “Do What You Are Told, You do not Force anyone to Give Up Their Seat.”

    I did not believe what I was hearing.

    Of course she would never give me these orders in writing.

    My Union Representative PINO was present & he witnessed the above.

    We left Alice Fialkin, the SF MUNI Superintendent’s office shaking our heads in disbelief of what came out of Alice Fialkin’s mouth.

    How Safe is it for the Passengers and the Operators of the SF MUNI Vehicles to Follow these Direct Orders of Alice Fialkin, The SF MUNI Superintendent of The FLYNN Division?

    Please someone tell me & tell all of the MUNI operators too.


    And SF MUNI Management DO NOT LIKE ME, because I AM “A BAAAAD Driver”!

    I am

    AbdulHadi Hamed Yassin
    Operator ID 2923
    FLYNN Division.



  27. Mike says:

    No offence, man, but when I ride public transit I tend to be absorbed in my own little world, whether it is reading a book, listening to my iPod or whatever.

    If I see someone with a disability, of course I’d get up, regardless of what seat I am in and give it up for them – same thing for a young child or an obviously pregnant woman. I think 90% of the people out there – if they notice, would! The other 5% if reminded that they’re being jerks might too!

    But standing there and not saying anything won’t get you noticed. Try an excuse me sir or ma’am, I broke my leg and have a hard time standing, would you mind giving up your seat/moving over?

    I bet you most of those people would apologise or say sure.

    They are allowed to sit in those seats unless they are needed – do remember that.

  28. Mark Stephens, top media lawyer says:

    The guy on reddit that called you a “passive-aggressive retard” hit the nail on the head.

  29. birch tree says:

    Shoes on the seat in the Subway or on a bus? No excuse. It is rude. Everyone knows that. I can’t believe there’s a mother in NYC who wouldn’t correct her kid for putting his dirty shoes a seat where people have to sit down. This guy never got beyond adolescent rebellion. A loser.

  30. C says:

    birch tree, subway etiquette be damned, shoes are probably one of the lesser disgusting things you find on the subway anywhere in New York City; and there are worse, more obvious signs that this guy is a post-adolescent shithead.

  31. Beau Artson says:

    I think this sight is hilarious. I personally have seen situations like this in Chicago. Bottom line is your in New York and need to speak up. I thought Chicagoans and New Yorkers are good at calling people out and keeping it real if you will. I call it as I see it and you should just take a seat. No one would give you shit….and if they did you could always use your crutch as a weapon…lol. Bottom line though is these people don’t give a shit about you and you should realize this.

  32. Solana says:

    I love all the hate (as well as the really lengthy, thoughtful objection) in the comments section almost as much as I love this blog.

    “Will somebody please think of the people with invisible disabilities!”

    Please. Give me a break. 99% of the entire American population is basically just lazy and/or oblivious. Love them to death. I really do. But lazy and oblivious.

  33. deb with ms says:


    while alot of the pictures posted are MOST LIKELY non handicapped persons, lets not forget those of us with INVISIBLE DISABILITIES.
    i have ms. i look fine. i dont use any assitance devices. but there are times where i have such overwhelming fatigue i can barely think. there are also times my muscles are so weak i can barely walk. BUT TO SEE ME SITTING SOMEWHERE I WOULD LOOK NORMAL.


    i personally would give up a seat to someone who obviously needs it more than me.
    but then again…. i dont use public transportation.

    why dont you just ask someone to move??

  34. Mr. Subway says:

    This is perhaps the only photo on this blog that currently actually deserves the treatment you’re giving it.

    Congrats, get a few more of these and you’ll actually have a legitimate point!

  35. NeonRose says:

    This guy’s just a plain ole Asshole.

  36. JoePa says:

    Have you ever seen the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode about the handicap stall in the bathroom?

  37. Chris says:

    Stop being such a pussy.

  38. mc says:

    The best part is how personally people are taking it. Projecting much?

    The dude taking up 3 seats is a douchebag. He does not need to have his feet up.

  39. trench says:

    I personally believe this blog is part photo-experiment and part-principle. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are on crutches… there is an artistic sociological point being made here and I hope you keep doing what you do.



  40. trench says:

    Oh, and I forgot the mandatory “everybody needs to chill the fuck out” portion of my comment.

    Really, people – chillax.


  41. a person says:

    1. i’ve never really thought of crutches as a disability but that’s just because i’ve used them too many times myself and are used to them.
    2. as has already been mentioned, you should just ask people to move.
    3. that aside, i know the dude in this picture and he’s a douche.

  42. Cdot says:

    There are two types of people in the world. Those who complain about a problem and those who do somethings about it.

  43. anonymous says:

    hahaha oh my, I love seeing how upset people get about this, geeez ppl get over it!
    I think this website is awesome and thoroughly entertaining.
    great job!

  44. thefirsttype says:

    There are two types of people in the world. Those who say, “there are two types of people in the world,” and those who are cool.

    Wait. Dammit.

    This site is funny, what’s with all the hate? Is it guilt?

  45. Samuel Beckton says:

    This site is lamer than born again Christians.
    Get off the internet.
    I love how the author remains completely anonymous, so they don’t get kicked off their crutches when spotted in public.

  46. And I thought the homeless were the ones who made the subway dirty.

  47. Derp says:


    You’re just as lazy/oblivious as the “99%” of Americans that you refer to since you obviously have no problems pulling bullshit statistics out thin air to justify your pre-rendered opinions. šŸ˜‰

  48. Reuven says:

    He’s got an iPhone! Those iPhone people are the worst.

  49. Maximus says:

    The worst bit is this guy putting his dirty fucking disgusting shoes on the seat. What jungle did he grow up in thinking it’s OK to put your shoes on furniture intended for sitting?

    ~~ Max (who has sat on peoples chewing gum multiple times on public transport).

  50. ningirl1 says:

    OMG That totally looks like my friend R. playing on his phone, I will tell him off for taking up three seats the next time I see him, usually he has more common sense and politeness than that!!! Sorry, he really does kinda get lost in his own little world. Does extremely bad and profuse B.O. count as a disability? If so, then those seats were rightfully empty next to him… You don’t wanna step too close…

    Seriously, I always try to give up my seat for those less fortunate in their physical abilities… As a multi-area bus/transit rider for many years, it was always more fun to stand, even if i had gone through a long day… it was like surfing!

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