3 Disability Seats Are So Much Better Than 1

Written by Man On Crutches on March 21st, 2009



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  1. aRachnid says:

    As a disabled woman living in Australia I am here to tell you that I would thump anybody who did not give up their seat to a disabled person.

    However I would ask them first if there was a medical reason why they were sitting there. Then if I were given the disgusting responses I have read in these blogs instead of being offered the seat intended for a less able bodied person, I would thump the sh*t out of the person VERBALLY to embarass them in front of others.

    Humiliation is a wonderful weapon.

    Now that I’m permanently in a wheelchair there is no way I could use public transport in either Sydney or Melbourne. Access is intermittent and inadequate.

    Keep up the good work. Rally the disabled anarchists.

  2. ZFiasco says:

    Even if no disabled person needed to sit down, this guy would still be a douchebag.

  3. Hank says:

    I have had problems with my legs for most of my life and when I turned 60 I decided that I should “try” using a cane or rather a walking stick as I like to say. Since I started this people have always gotten up and offered me their seat on buses and subways without asking me. In fact, very often they did this before I started using the walking stick. About half of the time I take the seat and the other half I say thank you but I would prefer to stand. I like the gesture but it is often very embarrasing to sit when others, who might be in worse condition that I or might be more tired, are left to stand. I think that the solution would be to have a better mass transit system with more subway cars and buses. This is just my experience and view and I realize that my stance is around my own conceptualization of pride.

  4. We ran this by our resident “Douchey of Not” expert who proclaimed the yids not getting up are douchey, but so are you for your rabid passive-aggressiveness.

    F’rinstance, what stopped you from swinging around and parking your ass in the empty seat above?

  5. Emily says:

    Sorry, but anyone who puts their dirty feet up on the seats or lies across 3 seats is an assh*le. No two ways about it. Like anyone should have to sit where your grungy feet just were?

    There was a man on the 1 train yesterday who was not only taking up three seats (in the center of the car) by sitting with arms splayed out, and legs crossed WIDE, but had the nerve to have his golf bag tossed in the middle of the floor for people to trip on, when it would have easily fit underneath the three seats.

  6. idlechimp says:

    Looks like some open seats right there, why not just sit down? I’m sure he’ll move his feet if you sit next to him? There’s even a completely open seat he’s not touching? What’s the problem with this one?

  7. so that others may live says:

    wow i don’t believe it, people are really careless…

  8. lurk says:

    you could, you know, ask him to move. dumbass.

  9. Shut Up Lurk says:

    Yeah, because it is MOC’s job to police asshole behavior. See people, this is how it goes: it is YOUR job not to be a jerk, not MY job to ask you to not be a jerk. Cuts out the middleman. Anyone who says, “well just ASK them,” and insults is just sore that they see themselves in these pictures. I live in NYC and, if I am ever in a priority seat (hell any seat) I look around when we pull into a stop to see if anyone needs it. Simple. Don’t be a douche bag.

  10. imintheemptyseats says:

    Yea, the people who didnt move are douches, and i would move if in the same situation, but i see some still good seats in some of your pics, that do not have feet or butts in them, so whats the big deal? Do you ever ASK someone to move? I bet they would. It may work better than glaring at them, illegaly taking and posting images of them on the internet, and then talking shit about them. Just a suggestion…..

  11. Brooderon says:

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